Saturday, March 20, 2021

Smoked Hams, 1934

 First viewing

You may not know this about me but I’m a rabid Three Stooges fan. It took me ten years to tape every Curly episode off of tv, now of course I have the box set. I only had about half of the Shemp episodes because they were later and not as good. So when this early solo Shemp short popped up I was all in.

It was interesting to see him teamed with a female, doing stooge-style things. I'd never heard of Daphne Pollard but she was big in comedy shorts at the time.

The old "use a straight razor that your wife just used to open a can of beans and swipe your face like you're peeling potatoes" gag.

Howard and Pollard have a stage act. It involves the Civil War ( which was the same amount of years past as WWII is today) a cannon and also a running joke about getting a message that General Summer has lost various body parts and that they will keep fighting if it takes all Summer.

They get a producer to hire their act. Also in the same show are two "bakers", who sculpt clay faces and make cracks about their mother-in-laws. Its weird.

At the end Howard and Pollard set off a cannon and it blows up the box where the producer is sitting. That's the smoke part.

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  1. OK, playing catch-up on your reviews. i had somehow forgotten you love the 3 Stooges. ANOTHER SIMILARITY. which means... i think i have a gift for you. will circle back.
    oh and - i had never heard of Daphne Pollard either. i am building my family tree, maybe i will find her there...


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