Friday, January 22, 2021

Return of the Pink Panther, 1975

 ? Viewing, first viewing was in the theater at the age of ten. Quarantine watch with mom and dad. This is the one we remembered the most.

Third Pink Panther movie and the best one I’ve seen this week. It still didn’t have some scenes my dad remembers but I think we’ve reached our limit. Christopher Plummer and Catherine Schell are great, later when I saw her on tv as Maya from Space:1999 I had no idea who she was but always loved her. 

We were hoping mom could watch with us but her Parkinson’s was bad this evening and she went to bed. Today I went with her to her movement neurologist doctor. Trying to see a doctor now if you’re elderly and mostly deaf is tragic. Hoping she’ll feel well enough to watch a movie with us tomorrow.

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