Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Keep Your Powder Dry, 1945

 First viewing. See, the title is funny because ladies use face powder and also men use gun powder.

Watched this because it has a lot of my favorite actresses in it. This was the first serious role for Lana Turner, leading to The Postman Always Rings Twice the next year. Before this she did a lot of fluff and pinup stuff, you can see her transition during this film. This the was last movie Susan Peters made before the hunting accident that left her paralyzed, she only made one more but worked on the stage until she died at 31.

We see a pre-Lovey Natalie Shafer looking amazing at 45, and uh, Lana has a hangover in this great mirrored door shot because that’s how Lana looks with a headache.

Also an adorable June Lockhart at 20, not

to mention an in-charge Agnes Moorhead.

 Having no real male protagonist, this film showcases women and their relationships with each other, especially where power and service duty overshadow everything. It’s still firmly sexist, but at a time where women had opportunities because there wasn’t anyone else. Fix my car? Is there a monkey that can do it? No? A lady? Well...

Nice mix of complicated relationships in a setting unknown to most. I enjoyed it and it kept me from watching the second impeachment trial. Can’t wait to see the movie of that.

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