Saturday, February 6, 2021

Rope, 1948

Third viewing or so

This is one of my favorite movies. Based on a true story, a gay couple, Farley Granger and John Dall, kill a friend to see if they can get away with it and Jimmy Stewart figures it out. A lot has been written about this film and its long takes and staging, not to mention its toned-down homosexuality, but it blends all the scenery and performance so masterfully that all you notice is that it’s a really fine piece of work. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock it’s his first film in color and the way the lighting changes as the sun goes down in the film is fantastic.

This is one of the better films I’ve rewatched this year so far, and a nice addition to a day filled with sunshine and pleasant household tasks. I even cooked. Mostly I had to clean up plaster bits off the floor from the ceiling leak and repairs, because Johnny cat thinks plaster is delicious.

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