Thursday, February 25, 2021

Passing Parade episode 18, Dreams, 1940

 First viewing

Not a good reason
Part of the long-running series of short films made by MGM this episode features examples of three dreams, or more accurately, nightmares. Why these three is not known. But the first one features Peter Cushing, who I have never ever seen young before.
Hawt but is that a fly on his lip?


The second shows a classic work dream. This is exactly how work nightmares go.

The third is about the dream Lincoln famously had that he was going to be killed that supposedly pushed him to work even harder to win the Civil War.

This is one of those films I jumped on because it was short and when I am at my parents’ house sometimes it’s just not possible to cram a full-length movie into the day.  I had no idea that was Peter Cushing.

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