Thursday, May 20, 2021

Ghosts on the Loose, 1943

First viewing, in Arizona with my dad.

No ghosts or skeletons in this movie

One of the worst Bowery Boys movies I’ve seen. Terribly unfunny. No ghosts with knives.

Ava Gardner’s first movie at the age of 21, she has around five lines mostly consisting of variations of “Oh, not at all, darling”, and Bela Lugosi is in it for like five minutes.

Half the movie is about a wedding, then the married couple move into a house they bought that they’ve never seen next door to a big house with unexplained activity trying to be passed off as haunting. In reality Lugosi and friends are printing up Natzi pamphlets in the basement. Everything works out and they are caught, then at the end Huntz Hall gets “German measles”. Shame the print quality wasn’t better. Yes look closely at his face. Wow.

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