Sunday, March 28, 2021

For Your Convenience, 1939

First viewing

One of those odd little shorts shown in theaters when you’d get a cartoon, a short or newsreel, a B-picture and a feature for the price of a ticket. This is 1939 when color films were just starting to really get traction.

This one purportedly shows examples of life conveniences. The first one is a makeup artist covering up a black eye. That’s...convenient? The next one shows how a parachute is packed. Super convenient. 


The one after that, my favorite, shows a home coffee bean roaster and coffee making apparatus I would love to have. Totally not convenient in any way. 

The next one shows a young woman with body dysmorphic disorder using an exercise machine. Very convenient for people who like to watch young women in swimsuits work out then have bubble baths.

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