Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Killer Leopard, 1954

Tenth in the Bomba the Jungle Boy series, I watched this boring nonsense because it had Beverly Garland in it. She plays a movie star looking for her husband who has embezzled money from her studio and gone into the jungle looking for diamonds. There’s also a killer leopard. And basic stock footage that implies zebras are found in jungles.

I didn’t really need to watch this movie to distract myself from reading the news. I now have dentist insurance for the first time ever so I made an appointment for a full check-up at the soonest place available, the new dental school, and I was glad to go to the dentist to take my mind off current events. It took three hours, so a big chunk of my day was accounted for. But I am watching a movie and blogging about it every day this year so I picked this one because it was the shortest. It felt longer than my dentist appointment.

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