Monday, January 18, 2021

The Kitchen, 2019

 First viewing

I never watch movies on plane rides that have less than two hours in the air, but this time I went for it because Southwest had a bunch of free movies right in my face. I tried to watch The Goonies because I’d never seen it but it was really awful. Swiped past a picture of Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Moss and Tiffany Haddish and vaguely remembered seeing a commercial for this movie and thought I might like to see it.

It’s the one where they play wives of jailed mobsters who take over their husbands rackets to earn their own money. It’s set in Hell’s Kitchen New York in 1978 and the sets, hair and costumes do a decent job of portraying the atmosphere at the time. The leads are great but the story is a little muddled.

It may be the most recent film I’ve seen, definitely this year. I haven’t watched films right when they come out since I was a teenager.

I’m away from my computer so I’ll add in some pics when I can.

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