Thursday, February 4, 2021

Forbidden World, 1982

First viewing

1980s Roger-Corman produced sci-fi garbage with nudity.  Alien-ripoff styrofoam container-walled gory goo fest. Bad actors and characters with little charm or quality, even the robot assistant. Star Wars, you have a lot to answer for. 

But not one hundred percent a waste of time, to be honest.
 A few good moments. A few.

This is rare

A woman music credit, though it was pretty awful stuff. Titles kerning by no one, apparently.

There was a sex scene I fast forwarded through due to the unappealing nature of the hero. Also there are a lot of nipples in this movie and it was slowing things down and I was getting sleepy. 

I can totally see this movie being enjoyed by someone who is not me.

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