Friday, February 5, 2021

Mannequin 2, On the Move, 1991

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Pure garbage aside from Meshach Taylor, who is responsible for a few actually funny moments in this technicolor dumbfest.

I actually had to mix up a few extra cocktails to watch this (sidecars: brandy, triple sec and lime juice). And I'd already started drinking at 1pm because of the workman in my apartment plastering the ceiling leak, fire alarm system testing for an hour this morning, and workmen painting in the hallway setting off my new video doorbell constantly. By 5pm I'd had two naps and the cats had enough catnip to make everything okay again, at least until this movie started. Sybil cat has never yelled so much during a movie and she wasnt even watching it until she got on my lap at the end and tried to block my view to save me. Good kitty.

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